Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finding Harmony

I look around
and see wonders of life
and I wonder

will the echo
of regret and sorrow within
always be heard

I crave peace
harmony and love of life
deep inner peace

my heart aches
more often than I want
tears silently fall

the sorrow within
the scars will never vanish
they are me

they remind me
of loneliness and weaker days
I craved love

I did anything
just to feel the love
from those around

I was foolish
love of others is nothing
compared to God

my heart yearns
to be filled with peace
peace of God

learning to live
with my sorrow and scars
can be hard

do you understand
do you see my pain
and my joy

I can hurt
but still feel God's joy
in my heart

my cross is heavy
but I am not alone
God is near

Thank you God
for the gift of you
in my life

my heart cries
tears of joy and gratitude
ease my pain

I found harmony
in the dark and light
notes of life