Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thoughts on a sleepless night

I lie awake and all I hear is crickets
This is not new to me
These long nights have been with me forever

Some filled with excitement of what tomorrow brings
A first day at school, a new job, a race
But may are filled with worry
What will happen, how will ends meet, where did I go wrong

The crickets are so loud
I want to quiet them and sleep
But ultimately the crickets are quieter than the thoughts racing in my mind

I turn on soothing music
I toss and turn
I lay upside down
Anything to help me sleep
But there is no rest

How do you quiet the turmoil of an anxious mind
How do you soothe an aching heart
How do you heal a broken girl
Will the scars of my past ever fade away

I am forgiven yet still broken
I want to quit but forge ahead
I dream of better days
If only I could sleep

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