Friday, August 5, 2016

An open letter to those who say abortion is a woman's choice

After listening to Immaculate Heart Radio and a caller on Right Here, Right Now I was compelled to draft this response to those who argue that abortion is a woman's choice even when they state they are personally against abortion. I shared my response with the show's host, Chris Aubert, who unfortunately is moving on to a new ministry in life. I wish him the best of luck and God bless!

To those who say abortion is a woman's choice,

To say it is a woman's choice and they will have to face God for their choice seems to be a cop out for taking a stand and doing what is right. Many of those women, like myself were/are stuck in a crisis moment feeling helpless, hopeless, afraid, terrified, and perhaps, like me, being told by the baby's father that this is what I MUST do.

In that terror I felt compelled to confide in two others what I was being told to do, forced to do. Maybe I was hoping someone would stop me. Who knows but I can tell you this -- all I heard was the propaganda that it is my choice, best for me, best for the baby. It is just a clump of cells, a tumor.

It was all lies. Definitely not best for the baby. Not best for me. I can't even begin to express the hate I have felt for myself, the disgust, the disappointment that I was too weak. Too stupid.

If only someone would have said NO and took the time to listen to me, my irrational fears, and give options that were really better for all. If only someone LOVED me enough to say STOP, choose life.

You see, when a woman is in that moment of crisis and fear there is no way she can make a rational decision. She needs help. So I will continue to tell my story hoping that it saves at least one life, stops one woman in her moment of fear, or encourages one person to stop saying it is a choice but to say it is wrong. Let me help you.

A great analogy is would you let your friend jump off a building in a moment of fear when she feeks helpless? Is it her choice? Wouldn't you do something to stop her? I hope the answer is yes.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thoughts on a sleepless night

I lie awake and all I hear is crickets
This is not new to me
These long nights have been with me forever

Some filled with excitement of what tomorrow brings
A first day at school, a new job, a race
But may are filled with worry
What will happen, how will ends meet, where did I go wrong

The crickets are so loud
I want to quiet them and sleep
But ultimately the crickets are quieter than the thoughts racing in my mind

I turn on soothing music
I toss and turn
I lay upside down
Anything to help me sleep
But there is no rest

How do you quiet the turmoil of an anxious mind
How do you soothe an aching heart
How do you heal a broken girl
Will the scars of my past ever fade away

I am forgiven yet still broken
I want to quit but forge ahead
I dream of better days
If only I could sleep