Thursday, January 14, 2016

Take a stand and say no to abortion


We need more people like Representative Steve King and I would have to imagine many people in Iowa are proud that they voted him into office.

It isn't always easy to do what is right but trust me, doing what is right is always best. Unfortunately, in this day and age what is right is often blurred and made fuzzy by the media, the stories they want to cover, and the twist that can be put onto those stories. Just looking up this story, which was only brought to my attention via Immaculate Heart radio, led me to NO major news channels that I would see for a million other stories that are deemed important to us by the powers that be.

In a nutshell, this is what happened. Steve King left the State of the Union address at the last minute he could before President Obama started his address. He left to leave his own vacant seat -- a seat to represent more than 55 million aborted babies.

Thank you Representative King for honoring my child. May God forever bless and watch over you and may you be instrumental in bringing an end to abortion and all the lies. The lies I fell victim to believing more than 15 years ago. The lies that had me believing that my child wasn't a child because I was less than 6 weeks pregnant. The lies that my child was just a glob of cells and nothing more. There are still days I wonder how I could be so stupid to believe those lies! I am an adopted child. My birth mother had the strength to have me and thank goodness I was born before Roe vs Wade or she too may have fallen victim to all of those lies! Together we mourn our choices as we both faced unexpected pregnancies and difficult times. Together we face our burdens and carry our crosses but when it all comes down to the end -- she knows I am alive and well and we can chat to one another, and we do. I can only pray to my poor lost soul.

We need more people like Representative Steve King. We need more people standing up and taking action for what is right --- protecting life at ALL stages. We need to stop playing God and start praying to God and asking for Him to guide us, to take all this awfulness and our mistakes of the past and to turn them into good. God can do that and He will!

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