Monday, October 26, 2015

To our angels in Heaven

Our precious gems can be lost in many ways -- miscarriage, abortion, illness, injury, accident -- all are untimely deaths because every parent wants to outlive their children. How could you not?

But sometimes when under times of stress a woman can make a decision that ends that precious soul's life and trust me, I am not here to blame you or judge you. I know the pain and understand. I know the self-hate, guilt, and the depth of your despair. There is hope beyond all of that. You can be forgiven and you can move on to live your life better, lighter, and happier. You can pray to your angel in Heaven, tell them how sorry you are, and ask for their prayers for you. They will pray for you.

And this post today was inspired from this sweet lullaby. What a wonderful lullaby and just read it, close your eyes, and envision your precious angel returning the love I know you have for her. She will pray for you and watch over you.

Angels watch over my baby,
Grant her a lifetime of your care
So that even when I can not be with her
I'll know you will always be there.

Angels watch over my baby,
Grant her a lifetime of your love
So that even when my eyes are closed
I'll know that you watch over from above.

Angels watch over my baby,
Bless every eyelash and curl.
For there is no one on earth any dearer
to me than my little baby girl.

~ From the lullaby, “Angels Watch Over My Baby”

Friday, October 23, 2015

Julie's Story: Post-abortive healing

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Today I stumbled upon an article that tells Julie's story and how Pope Francis' visit helped her begin the process of healing from abortions. Her story gave me chills and brought me to tears because I can feel her pain, her despair, and the wonderful feeling of weight being lifted off her shoulders as she found love, comfort, and forgiveness from God through the Catholic Church.

I hope you take the time to read Julie's story and find comfort in hearing from her that there is healing and if you too are suffering from the wounds of abortion, you are not alone. Many women report the same feelings and frustrations that they were not adequately informed of the negative impacts abortion can have on their emotional lives and future relationships. You are not alone and help is available.

I pray you are guided along your own healing journey and find the courage to speak up, tell you story, and make a difference. You are forever loved by God and I hold you in my prayers each and every day. Please pray for me too.

Have a blessed day.