Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#shoutyourabortion - a #prolife perspective

I opened facebook today and made the fatal mistake on clicking on #shoutyourabortion to see what all this was about. What was the big trending thing? When I saw that it was to praise abortion and tell wonderful stories my heart sunk. When I saw all the hateful and judgmental comments made towards those who have had an abortion, my heart broke.

I just wanted to yell what is wrong with society that is all for pro-choice and then turns around and throws stones at those who have made that choice...albeit the worst choice ever. But trust me, I am not judging anyone. I am up there on that slave trading block right beside you. Yes, you. All of us are on that block. We are that woman in the midst of her peers being brought to Jesus by the community shouting "JUDGE HER!"

I feel the pain of those who have made bad choices but I have also felt God's loving grace and have found the courage to speak the truth. I am no longer afraid of vengeful words and know nothing anyone says can be worse than what I have said to myself and I have God with me.

I understand the pain, fear, and self-hate.

So instead of turning to typed battles on facebook I prayed and those prayers led me to this speak the truth.

To those who say that women who have abortions are uneducated I say you are wrong. I graduated high school with honors. I graduated college Magna Cum Laude and made it into the Who's Who in Colleges book. After the worst decision in my life I went on to get a Master's in Business Administration and God blessed me with my husband and my daughter.

To those who say women who have abortions should have just used birth control...I did. We were using the rhythm method and condoms. We thought we were doubly protected and I did that since I knew the father was adamentaly against babies. God's ways were stronger than our ways and if only I had the strength and courage back then to have stood strong in my faith in God I could be watching my child making a wonderful difference in this world.

The truth is, I turned my back on God and even though He continued to bless me throughout my life, I felt it was me in control of my life. I believed the lies of Pro-Choice and supported Pro-Choice longer than I should have because for many years I felt I had to stay on their side, even though I knew it was wrong, because I was one of them. I had an abortion. I believed so many lies. Satan had a good hold on my life. I believed I would lose my job if I stayed pregnant. I believed I would be alone with child and no insurance. I believed no one would be there for me. I believed my family would judge me for getting pregnant as my first marriage was falling apart. I feared judgment only to turn from one bad situation to a worse. You know, the choice that was "better" for me and my child. Lies.

But now I walk with God and know I will be judged non-stop every single day of my life by those who do not agree with me but I find comfort in knowing God is with me. I know He wants me to take the worst day of my life, the lowest point in my life, my darkest pit of despair and turn it into something good.

I pray for those post abortive moms who haven't found God and His forgiveness yet. What damage is all this doing to them? When will people stop throwing stones and start walking with Jesus?

I stand before you saying I will not judge you. I work with a volunteer who is very pro-choice and supports Planned Parenthood completely. I pray for her almost every single day. I extend love and grace to her because in all reality, it is through love and grace that I was saved. I am in no position to judge. None of us are. That is God's job and I leave it firmly in His loving, merciful, and capable hands.

Dear God,

I pray for America. I pray that those in support of abortion sees the damage it does to so many people. I pray that they change their ways and turn to you. I pray for all those hurt by abortion, that they turn to you for forgiveness and feel your healing grace. For those facing unexpected pregnancies, I pray they have the strength to choose life and that more and more post-abortive moms tell their stories. It is through the truth that we will be saved.

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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