Friday, September 18, 2015

House Votes to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

When I saw this article that the House voted to De-Fund Planned Parenthood on facebook today I instantly got emotional....teary-eyed emotional. All I could think was praise God for this small step in the right direction. I honestly feel by de-funding Planned Parenthood we are starting on the path to address abortion and the lies that have surrounded this choice for years. Yes, I do believe Roe vs Wade should be overturned. I believe we have made mistakes and that it is time to make them right.

But in all of this, I am not pointing the finger or blaming anyone. Instead, I am praying for those impacted by abortion. I pray they find peace, forgiveness, and feel the grace of God's love and mercy. I pray they find the strength to stand up and tell their story. I pray they see that past mistakes do not define us. They can be reborn, renewed, and strengthened again in God. We all can.

I pray for those who support abortion and see it as a women's right. I pray they realize that giving women the "right" to kill their children is not in the best interest of the women. I pray that they turn to God and refocus their efforts to support women in ways that truly do support women, their life, and the lives of their children.

I pray for the United States and that we elect true leaders who will put the needs of the people at the top of their list and truly stand up and fight to protect all of our citizens, even the unborn.

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