Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The victims of abortion - try a fair case

The unborn child isn't the only victim of abortion, the mom also suffers. I have heard and read so many stories that mid-procedure, right after, or even years later the mom realizes that what she did was wrong. That the unborn was indeed a baby. That the child's life mattered and was ended out of perceived convenience or the ideal of a better life for the child. But in all reality, no life is not better than life. Abortion is murder.

We are surrounded by propaganda. It is the women's choice. If she chose to abort, it is not murder but I ask, what about late term abortions? What about the child that is indeed born before being "aborted"? Isn't this murder? Isn't murder wrong? I even blatantly asked someone if murder was wrong and the answer left me dumbfounded....depends. Huh? The responder then tried to say it was the woman's choice so a late-term abortion that ended life after birth was dare I say it...okay. Granted he didn't say it was okay but kept saying it was the mom's choice.

Okay, when does this right to choose end? At what point is murder wrong?

Add to that the pin I saw just the other day, "If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one." Okay, seems simplistic enough but let's go back to those women I mentioned before. The ones where the proverbial light bulb went off that hey, abortion is wrong. Abortion is murder. This she made the worse choice ever and will regret it forever. Am I going to stand by silent and say nothing? No way! I love everyone too much to not care.

Abortion is wrong and I want to be that voice bringing the truth out there. Don't see things my way? Okay but at least have enough decency to look at the evidence presented in the videos about Planned Parenthood. Look at who Planned Parenthood supports with awards or campaign funding and ask yourself, is this a fair trial of evidence? Is it being presented to us in an unbiased manner? Are you being misled and lied to? Don't you want to be able to make your own decision and have the right to believe what you believe?

I do. So play along with me for a minute. Let's envision this story as a court case. Planned Parenthood can be replaced Murder Suspect A. Abortion is Murder Victim B. Forget we are talking about abortion and a large corporation and look at things this way.

Murder Suspect A enters the trial court on charges of murdering Murder Victim B. There are 12 jurors and some of them are on the payroll of Murder Suspect A's lawyer. Murder Victim B's lawyer presents his evidence. Some of the jurors decide to not view the video. They leave the courtroom. Later they enter the jury room and decide there wasn't enough evidence to convict Murder Suspect A. Murder Suspect A is found not guilty and released back into the community.

What would your thoughts be on this trial? Would you be okay that the lawyer for the murder suspect was paying the jurors? Would you be okay that the jurors didn't all review the evidence being presented? If you were the judge, would you allow this to happen? If you were in the community, would you be happy that the suspect was released? If you were family of the murder victim, would you feel that justice was done?

But that is what is happening with Planned Parenthood. Senators have received campaign funds from Planned Parenthood. Journalists receive awards and support from Planned Parenthood. Not all the senators viewed the Planned Parenthood videos before voting not to defund Planned Parenthood. You are not hearing this on many news networks. The news you are receiving is in some ways being censored. Money talks....or should I say, money stops the talk. Are you okay with this?

I'm not. I am angry. My heart goes out to the post-abortive moms who are hearing or seeing these terrible videos and all the old wounds are being torn open. They are hurting beyond belief. The unborn are crying out to be saved. Don't tell me it is okay to choose murder. Don't tell me it is a women's right. Don't tell me that Planned Parenthood does so much good and that I should overlook this horror. It is NOT okay.

Dear God,

We are walking through dark times. Be with us. Please extend your healing grace to those suffering from abortion. May your message go out to those who still support abortion - may they change their ways and feel your healing grace. I pray for the unborn that they are kept safe. I pray those with unexpected pregnancies have the strength to choose life. I pray that our angels in heaven who were aborted continue to pray for us. I pray those who you call to do your work to take a stand against abortion - may they feel your strength and continue to do your work.

In Jesus' name I pray,

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