Thursday, August 6, 2015

Planned Parenthood - I am angry

Let me introduce myself. I am pro-life but wasn't always so. I fell for the lies that women had a choice to make decisions for their betterment but trust me, abortion is not a choice that improves your life. It is destructive almost beyond repair and I am saying almost only because by God's grace healing can be felt and He is working in my life to give me the courage to speak my mind. Yes, I am a God-loving, pro-life, Catholic woman that refuses to be silent anymore (this website may be of use to some of you). I will no longer just be mad about the lies but will stand up and say something.

The videos coming out about Planned Parenthood made me physically sick. I wondered how I didn't throw up many times as my heart was crushing from pain and tears running down my cheeks but for the most part, the world was silent. I could have red puffy eyes and the world was silent. No one wants to face pain or horror but in all reality, sometimes we need to face it as it represents the truth.

I am furious beyond belief that it was acceptable that Congress could vote whether to keep funding or defund Planned Parenthood WITHOUT every Senator watching the videos. Can you imagine the outcry if there was a murder trial and some of the jury didn't see the evidence being presented? We wouldn't stand for that. We wouldn't. Why is this acceptable? They are voting on something that impacts this entire country but can avoid looking at the evidence being presented? A jury must see the presented evidence and decides whether or not to accept the evidence. Why not Congress?

But through all this anger one thing keeps coming back to me and that is my prayers for those affected by abortion. This could be tearing them apart and I want to wrap all those hurting moms in my arms and give them a huge virtual hug and let them know they are loved. They can find healing and forgiveness. There is life after abortion that is worth living. The bad can be turned into good. Don't despair or hate yourself. You are loved from the time you were conceived and will be every moment of your life and beyond.

Dear God, 

Please protect and look after our unborn children, let those impacted by abortion feel Your healing grace, and heal this country. Guide us and the leaders of our country to do Your will to protect all life.

In Jesus' name I pray.


This blog is growing out of a challenge I recently received. I was told I needed to state my case, show evidence, etc. Okay! Challenge accepted so hang tight as I gather my evidence, stories, etc that support why I feel the way I do and why I am standing here telling the world....

I am pro-life!

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